A little about us

Using our love for networking, ideas, innovation and organisation, we were impassioned to provide a platform to deliver what business owners really want from a digital solution.

Given we have launched during the worst crisis for generations, we aim to deliver resilient digital improvements for your business by listening to your requirements, understanding your thought process and empathising with your business circumstances, adding our own insight and research along the way. Together, we can then provide the right answers to better communicate with your stakeholders.

You can learn more about our thought leadership and sustainable advocacy here.

Charlie Brunyate – Director

Strategy & Sustainability 

Having spent over a decade in the City, Charlie is bringing his knowledge and experience gained in Financial Services back to Devon. Combining Project Management and Change Strategy, a degree in Marketing Management and the latest in Sustainable Business Leadership from Cambridge University, Charlie can ensure your projects are planned effectively and delivered sustainably, with a creative edge.

Martina Mercer

Digital Marketing and Sustainability

Martina has over 15 year’s experience in public relations, digital marketing, SEO, branding and consumer psychology. Featured in Forbes, The Guardian, Huffington Post and Moz for her skills Martina has helped many global household names to grow while developing their sustainability ethos. Martina’s unique set of skills provide holistic PR and marketing strategies that deliver real results while putting the planet, and the customer first. 

Harry Shobrook

Digital Account Manager

Eager and motivated to deliver design success across all mediums, whilst utilising his BA Hons in Advertising and Masters in Communication Design, Harry’s premise is that communication means message received, not message sent. Harry is the creative spark to orchestrate digital marketing campaigns for your business – with key expertise in the Adobe suite, ranging from UI/UX prototyping to illustrator design for engaging content, Harry brings the latest in design knowledge to support Storm’s ethos of resilient, innovative digital communication.

Joe Venton – Director

Digital & Paid Media 

With over a decade in Marketing covering Digital, Branding and Management, Joe uses his inside knowledge of industries such as education and hospitality to deliver cohesive Digital strategies, focus on user experience and the tailoring of SEO, PPC, Lead Generation and AI-based tools to support your Marketing goals.


Emily Skinner

Social Media Manager

With a BA Hons degree in Fashion Media and Marketing from Plymouth College of Art, Emily is driven to work in the means of digital communication across multiple industries. Having over five years in the social media industry, Emily’s main skills revolve around social media marketing, campaign creation, and analysis as well as understanding the depths of social media algorithms and statistics.

Ryan Harris

Graphic Designer

I enjoy a good cup of tea, A tasty pasty, watching good movies & tv shows, spending time with my friends, and creating because it doesn’t feel like work to me and that’s what I think your greatest accomplishment should be. Is doing something you love and making a career out of it.

Together, we have the capabilities to improve your business performance and the energy to support your business motivations.

Be it simple guidance in reframing your business values to full creation and delivery of your online Digital Marketing footprint, by getting to know you and your business, we can collaborate with you, providing the solutions and ideas to deliver competitive advantage and help you weather the storm.