with Devon’s only qualified Sustainability and Digital Marketing agency


We are at the brink of significant change and this ability to alter our own behaviours, can influence our leadership across Government and Councils to develop resilient transformations across our societies and economies to make the changes we wish to see.


Continue to deliver responsible, purposeful solutions for our clients – promoting transparency and honesty across their products and services, whilst maximising return on sustainable opportunities, and advocating for resiliency and regeneration.


Help our clients to transition to digitalisation – adapting to changing behaviours, consumer preferences and delivering successful user experiences, all underpinned with sustainable solutions, technologies and purpose.

Connecting people, experiences and our Natural World

At Mineral we stand for resilience, regeneration and accountability – advocating and promoting sustainable design, marketing, content, strategies, management and videography, to ensure our impact is felt by your audiences, not our planet.

Click on the following links to read our Sustainability Policy and here for our inaugural Impact Report.


Creating opportunities to optimise your business performance via consistent, honest and clear understanding, communication and collaborative ideas.

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Leading by example to show small changes lead to big impacts.

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Our Mission

Influencing lasting, positive connections between your business and audience.

About Us


The link between your goals and reaching your audience – bringing people, ideas and information together. 


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Devon’s only qualified Marketing & Sustainability agency

It’s more important than ever to have clarity and purpose in a world of instant gratification and ever-accelerating change.

With further uncertainty on the horizon, our capabilities are specifically focussed on clear communication, effective planning, proven digital strategies, all supported by market research relevant to your business.

Local companies and communities have the opportunity to become real leaders for regional change, in a way we haven’t seen before. With a positive mindset and empathetic, inclusive leadership, we have the potential to build the future we want, with more resiliency and greater collaboration.

There is a growing financial incentive to be sustainable, have purpose and be socially and environmentally conscious.

Transition to a digital culture

Greater appreciation for nature

Increase in purpose-led communication

Increased focus on diversity and equality

Rapidly advancing data and tech landscape

Greater impact on climate change and biodiversity

Sustainability is a day-to-day choice which underpins how we operate and how we do business – be it in our choices with our suppliers, our solutions or the clients we work with.

Charlie Brunyate

Director and Co-Founder

Mineral (noun) – A naturally occurring solid with an ordered atomic structure, necessary for survival.

Be it simple guidance in reframing your business values to full creation and delivery of your online Digital Marketing or Carbon Footprint, by getting to know you and your business, we can collaborate with you, providing the solutions and ideas to deliver competitive advantage and help to sustain the world we live in, with media that embraces the elements.